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New England Estuarine Research Society

NEERS Honorary Members

Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Executive Committee upon persons recognized for outstanding service to NEERS in the form of holding office, serving on local organizing committees for meetings, monetarily sponsoring NEERS meetings, or providing vendor displays at NEERS meetings. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues. Ratification is by a 2/3rds majority of voting members of the Committee. It need not be awarded every meeting.

* = deceased

Spring 1973

Melbourne R. Carriker*

Fall 1973

Bostwick H. (Buck) Ketchum*

Spring 1981

Marie B. Abbott*

Spring 1981

John S. (Stubby) Rankin*

Spring 1985

Julie Rankin*

Fall 1988

David Dean*

Spring 1991

Johnes K. (Jay) Moore*

Spring 1994

Bernard J. McAlice*

Fall 1996

H. Perry Jeffries*

Spring 1998

Herbert L. Jackson*

Fall 1998

Veronica M. Berounsky

Spring 2001

Ernest Ruber

Spring 2001

Sandra Macfarlane

Fall 2006

Robert Radulski

Fall 2012

Ed Dettmann

Spring 2014

Peter Larsen

Fall 2014

Cindy Delpapa

Fall 2014

Hilary Neckles

Fall 2014

Alan M. Young

Fall 2016

Marshall Pregnall*

Spring 2019

Robert Buchsbaum

Spring 2020

Fred Short

Fall 2020

R. Scott Warren

Spring 2021

David Franz

Spring 2022

Sara Grady

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