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Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions are invited on any subject related to estuaries or coastal environments. Reports of work in progress as well as work in advanced stages and reviews of relevant topics are encouraged. 

Abstracts must be submitted online using the Abstract Submission form found on the Events tab at this site. A link to the form is available in this page.

The requirement that all presenters must be or become a NEERS member has been waived for the Spring 2021 joint meeting with AERS. Information on becoming a member is included on the pre-registration form for both NEERS and AERS, or at Membership for NEERS only.

Links to Forms

  • The abstract submission form and registration form are not available at this time.

See below for (1) how to prepare your abstract,  (2) presentation guidelines, (3) poster guidelines.

Presentation Options

Standard Oral - Regale us with an oral presentation of your work. These talks will be limited to 12 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for discussion. 

Lightning -This fast-paced presentation style is a chance for speakers to really focus on their main message. Each speaker has 5 minutes with additional time for questions. You may choose an Ignite-style presentation where you present 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds – when your slides are done, so are you! Or you can modify that concept as you see fit. Lightning sessions provide an opportunity to share information that might not fit into a standard oral or poster session -- the more concise speaking slots lend themselves to a more conversational and storytelling presentation style. 

Poster - We are not accepting posters for virtual conferences.


Students will compete for the Ketchum and Rankin Prizes for oral presentations (prize information). Students are automatically entered into the prize competition. Students who have won an award are ineligible to win that award again, though they may still compete for the other awards.

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts

Please select your first and second choice for presentation format. Although we will try very hard to accommodate everyone's first choice, selecting multiple options increases the likelihood of securing a spot in the program. 

A confirmation page will be emailed to you upon successful submission of your abstract to the NEERS website. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please resubmit your abstract. Contact the Webmaster with recurring problems. Following the deadline for submitting abstracts, all submissions will be confirmed by the program chair and the lead author will be notified of his/her scheduled time. Contact one of the Program Chairs with questions.

    1. Abstracts are to be submitted electronically. If you are having problems with the submission form, contact the Webmaster.
    2. All abstracts have a 1050-character limit (about 150 words). The character limit includes spaces, and applies to the body of the abstract only; the authors and title are excluded from the character limit. Web page submissions are constrained automatically to the allotted amount of text, you will be prompted if your abstract exceed 1050 characters. You may determine your character count with your word processing program.
    3. Author/Address field. Author names have last names spelled out and initials for first (and middle if appropriate) names.  If there are multiple authors, list all authors first followed by all addresses in the Sample Abstract format, and place an asterisk following the last name of the presenter. If authors are from different institutions, use numbers in parentheses to associate individuals with the correct address (no numbers are necessary if all authors are from the same institution). Addresses should include the institution, town, and state -- no streets, no zip codes. Separate addresses with semicolons.
    4. The presentation title must be in capital letters.
    5. Special characters. Do not use your Word Processing program for special fonts such as underlining, italics, superscripts, or subscripts, as these font codes will not be transmitted correctly via the web form. Rather, use the following codes for special fonts. For example, for the genus Zostera to appear in italics it should be surrounded by the "start italics" and "end italics" codes as follows: <i>Zostera</i>
Codes  Font Type or Symbol
<i></i> italics
<sup></sup> superscript
<sub></sub> subscript

Note that these special codes are counted towards the total number of characters in your abstract.


Cadillac*, M. T.(1) and I. M. A. Hiker (2).

(1) Department of Environmental Sociology and Outdoor Recreation, Coastal College, State-of-Mind, ME; (2) Department of Trail Maintenance, For Est College, ME.


Acadia National Park boasts many dazzling spectacles, including the pounding surf of Thunder Hole, stunning views of Somes Sound and Frenchman Bay, and the first glimpse of sunrise in the US. Evidence suggests, however, that the park’s true charm lies in its quiet beauty. We hiked ten trails from sea level to mountain summit, paddled eight 5-km stretches of island shoreline, and biked along 100 km of carriage roads, recording observations at regular intervals. Results confirm the importance of cumulative, small pleasures to the park’s allure, such as sights of cliffs tumbling into the sea, islands emerging from the fog, pristine marshes, 300+ species of birds including breeding peregrine falcons, dense <i>Ruppia</i> and eelgrass beds, and diverse woodlands. We conclude that excursions off the loop road will enhance visitor experiences.

Presentation Guidelines

For a Virtual Conference: You will be using your own computer - we can't help you with any technical issues you may encounter, as we are not set up for that.

Prior to the meeting, we will have a mandatory "run of show" for presenters (a short appointment, look for an email about two weeks before the meeting) -  this will allow you to get familiar with the controls of the online platform, make sure you are able to share your screen, and share any animations or videos. This is your chance to test your computer and audio connection before the pressure is on! If needed, please procure a headset and microphone, NEERS does not supply any equipment.

A few tips for online presenting:

  • Just like at in-person meetings - be enthusiastic and engaging. Even though you will feel like you are talking to yourself (and staring at a computer screen), lots of folks are listening in, excited to hear what you have to share.
  • Practice a bit if you can, especially if you are new to virtual platforms.
  • Minimize the distractions in your background - including phones, computer notifications, and family members. We do love your family and want them to join us, but not during the presentation. We have to keep to our schedule and would likely veer off track while entertaining ourselves with your kids and pets!

Poster Guidelines

We are not currently accepting posters for Virtual Conferences.

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